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In some circles the terms kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation are used interchangeably.  At Amazing Kitchen Remodel Colorado Springs, we know some customers have limited budgets, are refreshing a kitchen with a modest budget in order to sell a home, or simply want a change but not full blown rip out and replace. It might be useful to refer to that level of remodeling as a kitchen tune up Colorado Springs knows to be an economical but an effective alternative to a large-scale kitchen project. 

There are many things that can be done to refresh a tired, worn, outdated kitchen that are cost effective and have a big impact on the look and feel of the most used room in your home. Among the suggestions our design team may make after seeing your project and talking about your ideas and budgets may include changing lighting and hardware for an updated style or more energy efficiency, painting the cabinets, walls, or refinishing the countertop, or buying new appliances in an updated color or finish. Our talented, experienced design team can create an economical kitchen upgrade for you, and our installation crew can do your kitchen renovation quickly at a fraction of the expense a typical kitchen renovation costs in Colorado Springs.

Complete Kitchen Renovation Colorado Springs

Our initial consultations are free of charge, so feel free to call us and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs with our kitchen and bath design staff. We often can see potential where you see problems, such as opening up cupboards to create mock open shelving, or even just taking off doors and painting the cabinet interiors a different color to make them pop. Under cabinet lighting is a modernizing feature that also makes your countertops easier to use and is a low cost, quick to install option. 

Often paint and flooring can take an outdated kitchen to a wow-factor space when complete. Let our professional, experienced staff provide free suggestions and assistance to show you options. We always provide a free, detailed estimate so you know exactly what goes into your project.
One of the best services we provide is for clients who buy, renovate, and rent or flip homes. Our design team is up on current trends, and knows what is energy efficient, durable, or problematic for upkeep if your renters have pets or children. We work regularly with property owners to create a kitchen look that is appealing and sales worthy, as well as those that are practical and over-around versatile with what a renter wants and needs in a kitchen. Our kitchen renovation teams can do a renovation for renting or listing for sale quickly and within budget, and we have grouped products readily available for quick installation.
Amazing Kitchen Remodel Colorado Springs is locally owned and operated, and we have our own talented design, prep, template, and install crews that have many years in doing what it takes to improve a kitchen. Call us or send in our contact form and we will set up an appointment. No job is too large or too small, and we can help with your kitchen renovation and meet the goals you have for a more functional kitchen that looks better after completion.


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