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Your new kitchen countertop needs to be many things. Beautiful is nice, but practical is probably a lot more important. It has to be durable and tough, but have some flair and should reflect your taste. A kitchen countertop is literally the painting that accents your kitchen.  Choosing the right kitchen countertop is important, especially if you cook or entertain a lot or have children. The top needs to be durable, temperature tolerant, and resistant to staining, crazing, cracking, discoloring, and getting damaged. The countertop needs to be easy to maintain and keep clean. And, your new countertop needs to not break the bank to get it installed.

Countertops for kitchen and bath use are available in many materials, each type with their own unique lists of attributes. If you are looking to make a statement, Colorado Springs granite countertops may be the way to go. Showy and durable, granite does require some maintenance on a regular basis.  Colorado Springs granite countertops are extremely popular as granite accents our stone and wood preferences in local construction. Care must be taken to not date a countertop remodeling with granite, since granite is a natural resource of limited availability from any one quarry. 

There are many great choices for a countertop depending on your needs.  If superb durability and ease of care are important for your busy cooks a lot kitchen or you have small children, engineered quartz is a great choice. Tough with wide thermal shock tolerance, engineered quartz is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, including some with recycled glass content.  

Other countertop choices include solid surface, laminate, wood, marble, stainless steel, concrete, tile and even eco-friendly green options made from recycled glass and paper. Many customers decide to go with two countertop materials if you have an island in your kitchen you wish to use as an accent piece. We can offer suggestions for compatibility for look and use in those cases. Your desired look, lifestyle, and budget all are taken into consideration by our talented designers to suggest countertop selections that you will enjoy having installed in your home and will work to your advantage.

A Full Service Full Selection for Colorado Springs Countertops

Many of our customers have been told in order to install a new countertop you must have your cabinets replaced first. That nearly always is not true.  Unless there is cabinet damage that cannot be repaired to provide needed structural integrity, most countertops can be changed. In order to do so, your old countertop is removed, the cabinets leveled and templates done, and a new countertop fabricated and installed. This can be a quick or longer process depending on the complexity of your countertop layout, the availability and fabrication of materials, shipping, and installation. 

Amazing Kitchen Remodel Colorado Springs specializes in accurate, thorough kitchen countertops Colorado Springs knows get done ahead of schedule and on budget. We provide free estimates, take care of all measurements and template work, and clean up after the installation of your new top. If you require plumbing removal and reinstallation, our team can take care of those needs as well. Call us, or send in our contact form, and we will set up a time to come take some measurements. As a local business with many years in the kitchen remodeling business, we are proud of our recommendations, good prices, and fast turnaround time start to finish. Call us and let’s get that new countertop going.


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