Signs That Show You It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

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If you are looking to update your home, you may be considering remodeling the kitchen. There are a number of signs which show you that it’s time to remodel your kitchen. These can be things you may notice even if you hadn’t considered remodeling the kitchen, but highlight that it may be a good idea.

  • Cabinets or appliances are beginning to fall apart: This is one of the most obvious signs that a remodel is badly needed. When the appliances, cabinets or other equipment have started to develop faults and underperform then it is a sure sign that they are ready to be replaced. You may also be able to reduce your energy bills by replacing your appliances with more advanced energy efficient models.

  • Cabinets have lost their sheen: Your kitchen cabinets provide a large focal point for the entire room. If they have lost their sheen and started to lose their quality of color, shine or finish then your kitchen will very quickly look tired and dated.

  • The kitchen has lost functionality: The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It provides a central role in how families enjoy their homes. If you no longer enjoy spending time in your kitchen, avoid cooking or cannot comfortably eat in the room, then it is a sure sign that it needs some care and attention.

  • It’s embarrassing: If you avoid having visitors go into your kitchen because you are embarrassed by its appearance or state of order then a remodel is usually needed. The kitchen is usually the socializing hub of a home and you should feel happy and proud enough of it to show it off to visitors and guests.

  • You struggle for countertop space: If you struggle to complete prep work for cooking meals or have difficulty serving then you obviously need additional countertop space. A remodel can usually make more efficient use of the space to provide additional storage and space.

  • Poor kitchen flow: If you struggle to have more than one person cooking in the kitchen and find the flow of your kitchen from stove and sink to refrigerator is poor, then a remodel could help. Careful planning can allow additional space in the aisles for multiple cooks and additional workstations or prep areas.

  • Poor light: Kitchens should feel light and bright, but if you may feel stuck with older lighting fixtures. These can not only create poor light but can be incredibly energy inefficient which can cost you a fortune with rising energy costs. With the advancements in LED lighting, you could illuminate your kitchen with bright and energy efficient lights. Typical LED bulbs are five times more energy efficient than conventional lighting and a typical bulb can last for up to 30,000 hours. This can not only update the ambience of your kitchen but reduce your energy bills.

  • Lacking Space: Your kitchen may feel like a closet squeezed into your home. You can increase this space by creating a more open plan kitchen area by combining it with your dining room or living room. It may also be possible to add an external door onto a patio area. This can create a more useable and functional space to cook and socialize in.

A kitchen remodel can transform the ambience of your home and create a much more functional environment for you and your family to enjoy. If you are interested in learning more about kitchen remodels or how your home could benefit, contact 5 Day Kitchen Remodels. We have the experience and expertise to transform your existing kitchen into a lighter and brighter place for your whole family to enjoy. Call us 619-399-7159.