Kitchen Remodeling Cost Breakdown

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Remodeling the kitchen is a dream that many homeowners wait years for. It is typically the most expensive room to remodel, so you may plan for a long time before you are ready to go through with the remodeling project.

There is some good news for you. Although you can spend a ton of money to remodel your kitchen, you don’t have to. You can reduce the cost of your kitchen remodeling project significantly by making some easy swaps.

A kitchen remodeling project can vary greatly in cost. It all depends on how much you plan to do and whether you choose basic or high end finishes.

Take a look at this kitchen remodeling cost breakdown to help you identify where you want to put most of your budget.

Invest On Your Kitchen

If you are going to invest in remodeling a room in your home, the kitchen is the place to do it. Kitchen remodels have the highest return on investment of any room in the house.

In fact, you will typically see about an 80 – 85% return on investment. Even if you are going to be moving in a few years, a kitchen remodel can be worth your while.

Set Your Budget

The first thing that you need to do when you are planning a kitchen remodeling project is to set a budget.

Every kitchen remodel is different, just as every homeowner has different tastes and preferences.

You can do a basic kitchen remodel for just $5,000, and you can also do a high end remodel for upwards of $75,000.

Break It Down

As you are preparing your budget, use these guidelines to help you break it down. You should expect materials to account for 80% of your budget, and labor to account for 20%.

Within the materials category, cabinets are usually the largest expense, coming in at 30% of the budget. Appliances usually account for 15% of the budget, and countertops another 10%.

Figure about 7% of your budget for flooring, and 5% each for plumbing fixtures, lighting, doors and windows, and walls and ceilings.

Of course, you can adjust how you budget for each category based upon what items are most important to you.

It’s All about Your Preferences

You have control over how much you choose to spend and where you choose to spend it. A wine refrigerator may seem like a great idea in the store showroom, but if you need to tighten your budget, that may be something that you can cut.

You can also save money by using stock cabinets instead of custom. This can be one of the single biggest ways to save money on a kitchen remodel.

Using stock cabinets doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to be boring or uninspired. You can make stock cabinets look custom by painting or staining them and adding molding and trim.

Even after these upgrades, the price will still be significantly less than custom cabinets.

If you don’t expect to remain in the house for a long time, take that into consideration when you are planning your kitchen remodel.

Focus larger chunks of your budget on items that are important to home buyers, like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

This will maximize your return on investment and make it easier to sell your home when the time comes.

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