Increasing Both Your Living Space and the Value of Your Home by Adding on a Room

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Think back to the first day that you saw your home. You looked at so many houses, but as soon as you saw this one, you knew it was the one. It was perfect for you. Since then, time has gone by. Your family may have grown, and your needs have changed. But you may not feel ready to part with your home. How can you make your home fit your changing needs?

You can increase both your living space and the resale value of your home by adding on a room. This is a great way to hold on to the home that you love while making it more functional for your current needs. Not sure where to begin with such a big project? Use these tips to help you get started.

Think About What You Want and Need

The first step in planning an addition to your home is figuring out what you want and need. Think about how you will use this new space, and what features it needs to provide for you. It is a good idea to spend a bit of time sketching out your ideas on paper to get a feel for the possibilities. Once you have thought it out, consult an architect. An architect can put your vision into functional drawings. Be open to suggestions from the professionals, like architects, who you work with during this process. Yes, you are the one who will live with the end result, but these professionals have many years of experience in designing room additions, and they may have helpful suggestions that you have never considered. Keep an open mind, but don’t let anyone talk you out of what you really want.

Check with a Realtor

Before you move forward with your room addition plans, you may want to consult with a realtor. At this point, you are adding a room for the benefit of your family and your current living situation. However, the changes that you make now will impact the future resale potential of your home. A realtor can advise you on how your room addition plans will affect the future resale value of your home, and you may find that making a minor tweak to your plans can improve your home’s resale potential. Overall, more space always increases your home’s value. Adding an extra bedroom, a home office, or special features like a walk-in pantry can bump the value of your home up even further.

Request Multiple Estimates

A room addition is a big undertaking; don’t settle for the first estimate that you see. Request multiple estimates, and compare them all before you decide and begin work. If one estimate is substantially higher or lower than the others, ask why. A significant variation in price should raise red flags.

Keep in mind that you will likely be working with this contractor for some time, so choose someone who you trust and feel comfortable with.

Be Prepared for the Process

Adding a room is like building a miniature house. It’s a big process. Be prepared for all of the steps involved. A foundation will have to be poured. Walls will have to be framed in. Heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing will have to be installed. A roof will have to be laid. Knowing all the steps that are involved can help you to feel more comfortable throughout the process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your contractor.

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