How to Make a Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

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When you think of your dream kitchen, what do you imagine? A huge island in the center of the kitchen, complete with a marble countertop?

A big walk-in pantry to store all your dry goods out of sight? A big, six-burner professional chef’s stove? All of those things sound wonderful.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many of us just don’t have a huge kitchen space available to make those features work.

If you don’t have a huge kitchen space to work with or you aren’t willing to start tearing walls down to create a bigger space, don’t despair.

There are lots of ways that you can make your small kitchen feel larger. Check out these top 10 ways to make your small kitchen seem bigger.

  1. Use glass doors on your countertops instead of solid wood.
    It makes the room seem lighter and more spacious because it allows your eye to travel all the way to the back of the cabinet instead of stopping at the door. If you go with glass doors, though, be prepared to keep the inside of your cabinets neat and sparse. If you fill those cabinets up with piles of clutter, it will defeat the purpose of making the room feel larger.
  2. Paint the walls and the cabinets in one continuous color.
    Doing this removes any boundaries from your line of vision. Typically, we think of pale colors as making a room feel more open and spacious. However, dark colors can work in small spaces, too. Colors like navy blue or charcoal gray recede from the eye, making the walls look further back than they really are.
  3. Use smaller pieces of furniture.
    The furniture must be scaled appropriately for the size of the room, so don’t try to cram a huge table into a small kitchen. Also, don’t choose chunky bases or legs on the furniture, as it will make the pieces seem bulky and oversized for the space.
  4. Used recessed cabinetry.
    You may not have room for another cabinet against the wall, but you can recess storage space into the wall. This gives you more storage without taking up floor space.
  5. Go with clean lines.
    Ornate details can make a small kitchen feel crowded. Choose simple, sleek lines to make your kitchen feel roomier.
  6. Let the kitchen flow into other spaces.
    If your kitchen adjoins a breakfast nook, keep the kitchen as open to that space as possible. It will make it feel like one big room.
  7. Install open shelving.
    They don’t weight the room down like solid cabinets do. Floating shelves instead of shelves that have exposed brackets are even better. This will make the room seem larger and more open.
  8. Keep countertops clear.
    If your counters are crowded with all kinds of extra appliances and décor, it makes the room feel cramped. Store the toaster, blender, and such away inside a cabinet. Concentrate on just a couple focal points for the room, and keep the rest of the space clear.
  9. Choose visual elements that draw the eye upward.
    Vertical lines help to focus on the room’s height and make it feel bigger.
  10. Keep the room well lit.
    Bring in as much natural light as possible, and go with very simple or no window treatments. A skylight also helps to bathe the room in light and open the space.
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