How to find more space in kitchen

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Every household owner would surely want to know some simple yet effective ways on how they are going to find more space in the kitchen. As time goes by, people often end up seeing their kitchen becoming less spacious. This is why among their kitchen improvement plans has something to do with space.

You fail to see the chance of making your kitchen more spacious since you don’t spend enough time thinking about it. Below are ways to help you get more space in your kitchen and prove that there is always an available extra space.

Creating More Space in the Kitchen

1. Use wall spaces to hang shelves for more storage area.
2. Mount a stainless bar with hooks where utensils and other stuff could be hung.
3. Use some knife strip and mount it on the wall.
4. Prepare a wooden box as a container for things that you don’t everyday use. This will just be in the way and would make the kitchen look cluttered.
5. Look for vertical spaces in the kitchen for this could still be extra space for you. Put some slim cabinets intended to make use of the space.
6. Use a butcher-block instead of using the usual kitchen table for it could be used for a lot of cooking activities. See to it that it has some shelves underneath for storage.
7. Install adjustable shelves that you could use for taller items such as jugs and vases.
8. Use the space below upper cabinets for small appliances like toaster, coffeemaker and microwave.

Creating More Space in the counter

It would certainly make a kitchen look spacious if surfaces like counter tops are free from clutter. The things that should be seen on this area are those that you often use. Below are effective ways to add more space in the counter.

1. Use a dish drainer that could be mounted.
2. Utilize soap-dispensing dish wand instead of using the traditional bottle of dish washing soap.
3. Use the space between cabinets and counter for narrow shelves. Use it for holding small items such as peppers, vitamins, teas and the likes.
4. Go for water filters mounted on the faucet instead of those counter top water filters.
5. If you place your fruit bowl on the counter, its best to transfer it at the center table.

Creating more cabinet space

1. Make use of vertical space by using shelf helpers.
2. Use the space below upper cabinets for mounting utility hooks which could be used to hang things.
3. Check if you could make use of the inside of cabinet doors.
4. There is also space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling that is often left unused. You could place a box on this area containing items in the kitchen which are seldom used.

Hopefully the kitchen improvement tips above have provided you with some great tips or insights on how to get more space in your kitchen. If ever you are planning to do things professionally, we at 5 Day Kitchen Remodels could help. Call us now and talk to our experts.

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