How to Avoid Contractor Fraud

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Fraud perpetrated by home remodeling contractors is a real problem, and it happens all over the country.

In fact, the Better Business Bureau spends a large share of its efforts dealing with complaints from homeowners about home remodeling contractor fraud.

In many areas, such fraud is a criminal felony and can also be prosecuted civilly; however, the fraud victim rarely is compensated for their losses.

If you are a victim of contractor fraud, you are likely to not get back the money the contractor took from you, and you will even still be stuck with the unfinished work in your home to deal with.

Dishonest contractors know that dealing with a home improvement project is stressful, and they take advantage of the opportunity to prey upon innocent and vulnerable people. You can protect yourself against contractor fraud by following these rules.

Rule #1 – Do not hire anyone who goes door-to-door offering services.

If there is a large storm, tornado, or other major weather event in your area, you may soon see contractors going door-to-door throughout your neighborhood, trying to convince you to use their services.

These contractors come from out of state when news of a major weather event hits. They know that there are many homes in your neighborhood that will need new roofs or new siding, and they also know that you may be owed a payment from your homeowners’ insurance company.

The contractor may offer to perform the repairs for whatever price the insurance company pays to you and even say that you won’t have to pay your deductible.

Do not ever use the services of someone who comes to your door offering contractor services. These people are often experienced con artists who will either perform shoddy work that needs to be redone within months or will take the money and run.

Rule #2 – Do not hire a contractor who only gives you a verbal quote.

Always require a written quote that lists all of the details of the work to be performed and the itemized costs.

If a contractor seems to be a smooth talker and gives you a pitch that sounds great but doesn’t offer a written quote or tells you that you don’t need a written quote, this is a red flag.

Get it all in writing or move on to a new contractor.

Rule #3 – Do not hire a contractor who stops at your home offering to perform work at a low price because they have excess materials.

In some neighborhoods it is common for contractors to knock on doors offering to pave your driveway because they claim to have extra asphalt leftover from another job.

They may offer you a very low rate, and if you refuse, the price keeps getting lower. It may seem like a great deal, but the problem is that these materials are often stolen.

If you purchase stolen materials, you may be responsible for removing and returning the materials or making payment to the proper owner.

Home improvement contractor fraud is an unfortunate reality. You can help to avoid it by exercising a bit of caution.

Don’t hire anyone who comes to your door offering you services, and always get an itemized written quote before agreeing to services or making any payments.

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