House Addition Projects

Adam’s Work

San Diego Remodel 1San Diego Remodel 2

It’s hard to believe that the home on the left started out as the home on the right.

The square footage of this single story home doubled during the remodel.


San Diego Remodel 3San Diego Remodel 4

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet!

Here are the early stages of the demolition needed to do the remodel.


San Diego Remodel 5San Diego Remodel 6

It’s hard to believe that you can cut through a concrete slab and there is mother earth.

Some “remodelings” are more complex than others.

Easy or hard, 5 Day Kitchen Remodels can get the job done.


San Diego Remodel 7San Diego Remodel 8

OK, here are some great photos of the kitchen remodel in progress.

Choosing quality materials is a key to making it look great.


San Diego Remodel 9San Diego Remodel 10

Here is some of the quality detail work and the granite counter just after it was installed.

If you are going to have a kitchen remodel in San Diego, check us out.


San Diego Remodel 11San Diego Remodel 12

Here’s the final product. This kitchen is beautiful, functional and high quality.

You want experience and integrity when it comes to remodeling your kitchen.

San Diego Kitchen Remodel 10

This project was done by a son for his mother.

The mom is in the red shirt and this is her first visit.