Design Your Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

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If your kitchen is in need of some updating but your finances cannot stretch to a full remodel, don’t despair as there are still plenty of options open to you. The most important thing to consider is the extent of your budget. Set a figure of how much money available for the updating or remodeling of your kitchen. This can then allow you to fully explore the options as to which changes would have the most impact for your budget. Bigger budgets for remodeling can finance dramatic changes such as replacing all the cabinets and appliances or even opening up the kitchen space by removing walls. However, even those homeowners with only a small budget can make some more modest changes which can still have an impact.

The first step of a remodel is assessment of your current kitchen. You need to determine which aspects of your current design don’t work for you. Does the kitchen feel too dark or too cluttered? Is there a particular aspect such as the flooring or appliances which are outdated and tired? Focusing on these aspects will allow you a clearer idea of where you should concentrate the majority of your budget. You may not have the budget to make all the changes you would like, so concentrate on the most urgent and it may be possible to replace other components such as the flooring later.


If your cabinets are in good condition but just require updating there are several inexpensive options. You could refinish the cabinets with oil based paint. This can provide an instantly changed look. Ensure you clean the cabinets thoroughly and remove all traces of grime or grease before applying coats of paint. Another option is to change the hardware of your cabinets. New handles on cabinet doors can alter the style of the doors. A slightly more expensive option is to replace the cabinet doors. This is less expensive than replacing all the cabinets but can create the look of new cabinets.


New countertops can vary greatly in material, cost and choice. Although you will be looking for a durable and easy maintenance option, this does not have to be massively expensive. A very simple and inexpensive method of revamping your countertops is to use ceramic tiles. Tiles provide a functional surface which can be tailored to create design flair.

Appliances can be one of the most costly aspects of a kitchen remodel. There are options to repaint your appliances with specially produced paint. This can provide an inexpensive method of changing the appearance of your appliances. However, it is worth considering that older appliances may be less energy efficient, so investing in some newer appliances could save you money in the longer term on your energy bill.


Another way to change the style of your kitchen is to update the faucets. This can be a simple way to add a designer touch. Select a model which has functionality but conveys the style you wish your kitchen to reflect. Fully research your options as new faucets can vary greatly in cost and you will need to consider their impact on your budget.

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