Brighten up Your Kitchen with Improved Lighting

Nothing can make a kitchen feel drab and dingy more than bad lighting. When the lighting is bad, it makes the kitchen space feel depressing, and nobody wants to be in there.

Even in a newer home or recently remodeled kitchen, poor lighting can negatively impact the design and feel of the home.

The kitchen should be the heart of the home, but if it is drab and poorly lit, it turns people away from wanting to spend time in there cooking or visiting. You should enjoy your kitchen, not avoid it.

Track Lighting

Many kitchens have just one light fixture that is hung in the center of the room. Often, that fixture has just a couple incandescent bulbs. One way to remedy this situation is by installing track lighting.

One of the great things about track lighting is that it can be installed without having to run new wiring through the ceiling.

Even if you choose an L-shaped track lighting system, you can access power for the track lighting through the box where your old central fixture was hung.

Track lighting is also a lot easier to install than recessed lighting, since it is surface mounted. It makes a great flexible lighting option.

You can move the heads around as you please if you decide you want more light in a certain area, or you can easily add additional heads to the track.

Track lighting is a great choice if you have a sloped ceiling, too.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Do you find as you are prepping food that you can’t see your cutting board well because the cabinets block the overhead light? This is a common complaint in regard to kitchen lighting.

There are several different types of under cabinet lighting that you can add to your kitchen to solve this problem.

Halogen fixtures are a nice alternative to fluorescent light because they give off a bright, white light. Halogen bulbs are less efficient than fluorescent bulbs, but more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

In comparison to incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs are 1/3 more efficient, and they last about 2,000, which is twice as long as incandescents.

You can choose from under cabinet tracks systems, strip fixtures, recessed disc lights, or surface mounted disc lights, all in low-voltage halogen.

Xenon fixtures are another great option. They can last as long as 10,000 hours, for the same price per bulb as halogen. They maintain a lower temperature than halogen, and are comparable in terms of efficiency.

One of the great things about under cabinet lighting is that there are lots of low profile options. This means that the lights are usually not visible when they are installed in the recesses under the cabinet, yet they still provide the light that you need.

They can also be installed on a dimmer switch. This way, you can use them as a soft night light or turn them all the way up to light your work surface.

If your kitchen has shady lighting, you don’t have to live with it. You can upgrade your lighting easily and inexpensively.

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